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One of the best feelings is knowing that you’re wanted. Knowing that someone wants to talk to you, wants to know how you’re doing, or wants to see you. Whether they pick up the phone to send you a quick text or stop by your house to catch up, someone or something reminded them of you specifically. It just feels really nice to know that you’ve been on someone’s mind and that they care enough to let you know that.

August 29th
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My emotional state
has always been
open wound,

and everything that
I came into contact with

was salt.

— It’s been a long, difficult weekend. And I’m finding it extremely difficult to recover.
-Niketa (via niketa-rae)
July 27th
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Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.
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for sedults

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“We shall never meet, but there is something I want you to know. My time is not the same as your time. Our times are not the same. And do you know what that means? That means that time does not exist. Do you want me to repeat that? There is no time. There is a life and a death. There are people and animals. Our thoughts exist. And the world. The universe, too. But there is no time. You might as well take it easy. Do you feel better now? I feel better. This is going to work out. Have a nice day.”

― Erlend Loe (x)
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 Mahin Fayaz

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dammit Changjo, you’re the maknae!

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do not edit | cr. it-chu

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Detached”, 2014

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Chunji; eyes & lips appreciation post

requested by anon

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